The Big Blue Box



in which the movie spiderman accurately represents comic book spiderman in sarcasm levels.

I think we can all agree this is a good thing…



my physics teacher told us a joke today

three guys are on a boat and they have four cigarettes, but no lighters or matches or anything to light it with. What do they do?

They throw one cigarette over board and the whole boat becomes a cigarette lighter



do you ever do that thing in class where you notice you’ve stopped paying attention so you try to focus but then you’re focused so hard on trying to focus that you’re still not paying attention to what they’re saying

Omg it’s in words

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*clears throat* if i looked you up in the dictionary, there’d be a picture of cute- *coughs* i mean, um, if i looked up dictionary in cute, thered- no, i meant *shuffles cards* if you looked cute up in the dictionary, there’d be a picture of me- *drops cards* i, uh *flusters* the, um *panics* the dictionary thinks you’re cute


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If a single teacher can’t teach all the subjects
Then how do they expect a single student to learn all the subjects fuck

ok lemme educate you y’all are in obvious need of it

  • to teach a subject you need to have in depth knowledge of it not just what you’re saying in front of a class of 20 kids playing candy crush on their phones
  • like you really need to know that shit inside out and teachers spend a lot of time studying in depth and not just like 2 hours/week. like sure not all of them are brilliant but they still know 5 times as much as the average student knows at the end of high school
  • and like most students need a 5 in order to pass or w/e mark you need in your education system so that’s hardly in depth knowledge you just need to urn out of candy crush lives and pay attention for a few minutes every hour and read a bit at home and chances are you’ll pass no one demands great things of you
  • there’s also that thing called timetable… it means a single teacher can’t be in 50 places at once teaching different things to different people. BUT if you want to make that possible and are interested in time travel or quantum teleportation pay attention in physics class and WHO KNOWS you might just make your dream come true